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Obamas Speech 2013 essays

Obama's Speech 2013 essays On Tuesday, February 19, 2013, Barack Obama, President of the United States, presented his State of the Union Address to a joint session of the United States Congress. President Obama began the speech describing several goals that nation already reached - such as businesses having created more than six million jobs, people buying more American cars and our use of less foreign oil. Furthermore, Democrats and Republicans have been working to reduce the deficit more than $ 2.5 trillion dollars through spending cuts and raising the taxes of the wealthiest in America. Additionally, he stated that the housing market is finally healing from the recession in 2007 with the percentage of home purchases increasing close to 50%. In addition, President Obama proposed certain solutions for the economy, creating jobs, modifying taxes, etc. Beginning with a plan for deficit reduction, the President stated that both parties must work on the plan in order to reach the deficit reduction of $4 trillion dollars. He also proposed the new tax reform which could help to create more jobs and bring down the deficit. The new tax code will help small business spend more time on expanding and hiring; and also provides lower tax rates for businesses - thus, creating jobs throughout America. As the matter of fact, the President stated that: Caterpillar is bringing jobs back from Japan. Ford is bringing jobs back from Mexico. And this year, Apple will start making Macs in American again (Obama). Additionally, President Obama proposed an upgrade to our infrastructure, which would bring more jobs which would then lead to the Fix-It-First program and Partnership to Rebuild America. More importantly, he also raised the minimum wage to $9.00 an hour so we can tie the minimum living cost and eventually offer a wage that people can live on. Barack Obama also stated that we should invest every available dollar in science, innovation, clean ene...

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International finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

International finance - Essay Example In fact, the creation of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) as well as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), had both been the consequences of the conference. The innate characteristics of the conference had been – Firstly, the conference stressed upon the fixation of upper and lower limits for the exchange rates of any domestic currency. Such a system would help in reducing possibilities of financial distress owing to fluctuations in the rate of exchange. The upper and lower limits of the rate of exchange are on the other hand, made the domain of the national government with regard to their respective current account positions. To be precise, the domestic governments were allowed to make adjustments to up to 10% below or above the pegged rates of exchange. The domestic currency of any nation was made completely convertible with any other currency to ease foreign trade. Lastly, all nations were made members to the International Monetary Fund so as to make the latter’s task easier to conduct at times when a financial crisis takes place. The system collapsed during 1970s, though that did not mean that the whole world converted itself into a system of floating exchange rates. For instance, the nations underlying European Union follow a fixed exchange rate regime where they maintain a fixed rate of exchange with the Euro as well as between themselves (Alderman, 2011, ‘Europe’s Challenge: Fostering Growth Amid Austerity’). Answer to Question 2 According to the concept of uncovered interest rate parity (UIP), the difference between the rates of returns on domestic and foreign bonds must be equal to the expected change in the rate of exchange

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International Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 2

International Human Resource Management - Essay Example The liberalized economy was responsible for creating a competitive environment which required prompt response in order to control and stabilize the sudden turbulence in the economy. It was crucial from both the perspective of organisations as well as the economy on the whole. Human resource management practices play a significant role in enhancing corporate performance (Som, 2008, p.1278). This report seeks to understand the factors which have evolved the role of the human resource departments in organisations in India, with emphasis on the labour laws in organisations. A discussion has also been provided pertaining to the system of education and training, trade unions, the system of collective bargaining and employer organisations. The project also speaks of the present trends and patterns of the human resource management practices in India. It provides a number of data and case studies of different organisations in the nation which highlights the different approaches in HRM. In thi s regard, the project also discusses the various problems and issues that organisations in the nation have been confronting with. Current patterns and trends in the approach to HRM in IndiaThe context of organisational success in India remains deeply rooted in the nation’s history and culture. The value system in society enriched with respect towards elders, the joint-family system, the trend of future savings as well as the British rule in India have impacted the development of the workplaces in India. The large agrarian society embeds the culture of hard work, labour dignity and the concept of sharing of responsibility which accounts for the key components of success of the firms in India. The nation’s democratic governance has enabled the policy makers and financial institutions for setting the foundation for the country’s success (Websu-kat, 2008, p.1). One of the most important points worth mentioning is that there have been huge investments made by the Gov ernment of the nation in the field of education and population control. Great investments coupled with assistance from the developed nations of the world have been the major factors in creating the nation’s value propositions in the international market. Together with its own set of strengths and weaknesses the nation is identified as one of the leading emerging economies in the world. It also has entered into trade relations with a number of nations in the world (Websu-kat, 2008, p.1). Few of the major determinants which make the Indian HRM different from the rest of the world are s follows: The culture in India is rooted deeply in its collective values which provides a tendency of maintaining collaboration in the place of

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Sensory Perceptions Essay Example for Free

Sensory Perceptions Essay Three reasons for believing in the accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information is perception, interpretation, and knowledge. Perception is our sensory experience of the world around us and involves both the recognition of environmental stimuli and actions in response to these stimuli (Bagley, 2004). Through the perceptual process, we gain information about properties and elements of the environment that are critical to our survival. Perception not only creates our experience of the world around us, and it also allows us to act within our environment. Interpretation is a communication process, designed to reveal meanings, and relationships of our cultural and natural heritage, through involvement with objects, artifacts, landscapes and sites. Interpretation is how we perceive certain situations through our own thoughts and beliefs. Knowledge is a familiarity with someone or something, which can include facts, information, descriptions, or skills acquired through experience or education. It can refer to the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It can be implicit (as with practical skill or expertise) or explicit (as with the theoretical understanding of a subject), and it can be more or less formal or systematic. The definitions of perception, interpretation, and knowledge are closely entwined when it comes to the accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information because people perceive all information differently. People have different interpretation of life and how they view certain topics. What may be true to you may not be true to me. Knowledge depends on the experience level of the person involved. Sensory data is your senses, which are seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, and feeling of motion, movement, and gravity. All this information from our senses is collected in the brain, then organized and used for all of our activities. According to Kirby/Goodpaster, 2007, our senses do not operate effectively when we are sick, drowsy, or tired. The world is not always what it seems on the surface and therefore our perception becomes misconstrued. Because our brain feeds and process information about sights, sounds, textures, smells, tastes and movement in an organized way, we put meaning to our sensory experiences, therefore, we are able to respond and behave accordingly. We may not see the world as it is that’s where accuracy of sensory information is determined. False information can be provided with just alone senses but working together with the accuracy of sensory information will make the chances greater. Three reasons to believe in the accuracy of sensory information are; the ability to use our senses to provide data so that our brain can identify the truth senses help tie the brain and emotions together, and gives the mind the potential to determine what reality is. The reasons listed above are extremely important when it comes to the accuracy of sensory information because there will be consequences that would mean you’re changing the world around you. The idea of subjective reality asserts that reality and of the â€Å"truths† in the universe changes between individuals (Kirby Goodpaster, 2007). Meaning, although there may be objective truths in the universe, each person perceives these truths and experiences them differently, and because of everyone’s own unique perspective of the world, each lives in their own world existing in an altered state of objective reality (Kirby Goodpaster, 2007). Sense perception all comes down to being able to exist in a world we know it. Sensory data relies heavily on experience. So therefore, nature and nurture plays a role in a person’s behavior. A person may be born with the same behavioral patterns as their parents, but it might take a certain experience to make the behavior come forth. The different situations people experience makes a huge difference on their sensory data. They may change their perceptions based on the good experiences and bad experiences in their life. It is appropriate to separate the contributions of genetics and experience when measuring the sensory data among individuals because every individual carries different genes and is also raised differently. Nature and nurture will always be an issue, because there is no way of telling what affects a person more. We are all different and I don’t believe that we are supposed to figure out why we are the way we are.

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Online Communities Essay examples -- Internet Chats Web Cyberspace Ess

Online Communities Ken Griffey Jr. is a well-known name in the world of Major League Baseball. Before the Seattle Mariners traded Griffey Jr. to the Cincinnati Reds, he was an absolute phenomenal baseball player. Since being traded, he has been nothing but disappointment to the Reds organization. The following is a dialogue between the two members in an online community at crc29: â€Å""Asked if he's happy that he's still with Cincinnati, Griffey said, "What does it matter? This game is not about being happy. It's about wins and losses.'â€Å" ...and this is the same guy who once said when he was shopping the market that the important thing do is go somewhere where he'll be happy? And he wonders why people always think he's full of crap? Just answer the damn question Griffey, and stop with the "feel sorry for me" type of quotes that are consistently coming out of your mouth on a daily basis! The guy is so melodramatic! That's why he's constantly getting picked on!† (GRIFFEY, 2/24) KREIJO1: â€Å"Initially his intent was to go to Cincinnati under the belief that he would be happy. Things haven’t worked out that way so far. Funny how you jump Griffey who has never been arrested, never beat his wife, never done drugs and you attack him for the types of quotes he makes. Get off his back and go after someone who deserves it. Why does his alleged melodrama annoy you so much? He's a harmless fvcking athlete and you despise him but don’t know d1ck about him personally. Get off your soapbox your opinion, like your knowledge of Griffey is worthless.† (GRIFFEY, 2/24) crc29: "I didn't get on him for beating his wife. I got on him for being a whiney bi!tch......which he is. So King Kenny is the he... ... was in â€Å"The Virtual Community† by Rheingold (92). People came to the websites sharing same interests, and purpose. It is also similar because there is no actual face-to-face contact with the community. Therefore, it allows them to speak liberally as they wanted, without having to worry about confrontation. The cohesive relationships were shown at the Yankees forum rather than the MLB main directory. The competitive relationships were formed through disagreement and vulgar languages. The competition drives people to research more statistics to ambush their opposition, which I think is a good effect of competition because it helps them learn more about their favorite topic. Overall, I believe that these online communities are a positive aspect of society and people should keep using and share their experiences, ideas, and thoughts on their common interests.

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Why Did the British Lose the American Revolution?

America started being independent after British lose American Revolution. British had the best military and best equipped. Literally, they had the better superiority and more advantages than America got. Therefore, Britain is a very gentle country, this culture and the way they treat the colonies which are in northern America might impact the result of revolution as well. Some choices they made and the way they thought as well as the location they are, these total main elements caused the British lose revolution and made the events happened in history.The causes of conflict are that Britain was attacking American economy. Such as Boston Tea Party, The British monopoly North America tea import, and controlling prices, etc. In colonies of Britain, because of the mode of British government used so that almost every colonies had freedom and thought of democratic consciousness. The people who live in the northern America colony for twenty to thirty years had deep effects of it. Even the y oung people who were born in colony in new generation had more a sense of belonging and national identity on north colony than their actually homeland which is Britain.Accordingly, Britain loses the hearts of people, but they were trying to caught back in the wrong way. Although, it looks peaceful in the inside of America, the wars from Europe that are separated by Pacific and Atlantic are still continually affecting the northern colony in America. On the military and policy sides, although the British military are the best, but the crossing- ocean distance between Britain and American truly reduce the military power. So it didn’t be helpful on supporting the British military.At the meantime, Washington organized powerful troops and made a system for collectively resist British troops. Also, there are some countries, such as Netherlands and French which had enmity with Britain were supporting American being independent. Especially when America made public Declaration of Indep endence, French establishes diplomatic relations with America. French gave the American military supplies, food, and qualified military instructors to improve the combat effectiveness of the armed forces in North America. These elements did surely help American out on wining revolution.

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Quality Management - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 8 Words: 2546 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2017/09/14 Category Advertising Essay Did you like this example? Assignment Quality Management Introduction The important of quality For every organization, quality is the key of success factor because quality is one of the key competitive variables, without quality, a business may survive, but wont/cant reach its optimal earning potential. The quality of Companies products or services, the prices it charges and the supply it makes available are all factors the determine demand of customer. There are many ways to improve/achieve the quality such as, certification such as ISO 9000, quality award/ Malcom Award, excellence Award SQA or achieve the TQM. Purpose of this report I, consultant of MPACE International Consultant has been appointed by BALACE fast food restaurant to write a report using the principles of TQM and the dimensions of quality in service to carry out the gap analysis for BALACE fast food restaurant, in other to recommend on how ABC fast food can achieve business excellence. Background of BALACE fast food restaurant BALACE fast food restaurant is the restaurant established year 2003 at HoChiMinh City in south of Vietnam. There are three main outlets in HoChiMinh City at District 1, District 3, and District 10 with more than 200 employees. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Quality Management" essay for you Create order The main activities of restaurant are selling fast food and provide the service to customer. The goal of BALACE fast food restaurant is to provide the nice and fresh food with reasonable price and best service to customer. Finding The benefit of Total Quality Management in the service industry Nowsday, everybody know that Today’s customer has a wider choice of products and service than ever before. They are going to be demanding keen on having the best services in the shortest possible time at the minimum cost. They will look for solutions that are more specific to their needs thus creating opportunity of many niche market especially service industry. So, there are many opportunities for the service industry depend on how well they satisfy their customer include providing the best service at the best reasonable price. To achieve this goal, many organization realize that TQM can help them improve the quality of service in other to help them overcome the problem and achieve the excellence business management. Explain about benefit of TQM ABC was defined that the TQM looks at the organization as a â€Å"system† and incorporates improvement efforts to enhance the organizational structure so customer (both internal and external) needs are met and streamlined for cost effective and service oriented approaches. In addition, Some specific TQM benefits are customer loyalty, cost savings, higher productivity, higher profitability, improved processes, improved employee morale and positive work environment. Method of analysis In this report I will use the principles of TQM and dimensions of quality in service (Servqual model) to analyse the current situation at BALACE fast food restaurant, and carry out the gap of this restaurant and provide the recommendation on how they can overcome the current problem and improve the quality, in other to achieve the business excellence. The principles of TQM are as follows: 1. Quality can and must be managed. 2. Everyone has a customer and is a supplier. 3. Processes, not people are the problem. 4. Every employee is responsible for quality. 5. Problems must be prevented, not just fixed. 6. Quality must be measured. . Quality improvements must be continuous. 8. The quality standard is defect free. 9. Goals are based on requirements, not negotiated. 10. Life cycle costs, not front end costs. 11. Management must be involved and lead. 12. Plan and organize for the quality improvement. The dimensions of quality in the service industry are as follows: 1. Tangibles. 2. Empath y 3. Assurance 4. Reliability 5. Responsiveness Analyze the BALACE fast food restaurant Analysis of PALACE fast food restaurant using principles of TQM: In the PALACE fast food restaurant the quality always be managed and every employee have to responsible for the quality. So, there is the committee set-up by the top management which comprise employee from different levels to identify the area of improvement required as well as setting a metric for each the key of processes. The committee required to present the report to the top management on weekly basis. The manager will discuss the content of report during bi-weekly management meeting and the action plan will be formulated to improve the existing process recommended by committee. Besides, every employee in the restaurant is committed to be responsible for the quality, different position level has to responsible for their own task from employee to manager. Example: There are 50 table in the restaurant with 15 waiters working, each waiter have to take care of at least 3 tables include taking orders, clean tables an solve the problem and responsible for that 3 tables. Hence, the manager can easier and faster to evaluate the performance of waiter. Avoiding errors also are the area that PALACE focused on. The main focus of a Total Quality Management program is to eliminate errors before they can occur. Systems cause about 80% of all errors, so if the system is error free, then the employee has a lesser chance of making mistakes. A central principle of TQM is that mistakes may be made by people, but most of them are caused, or at least permitted, by faulty systems and processes. This means that the root cause of such mistakes can be identified and eliminated, and repetition can be prevented by changing the process. Hence, the manager using the Deming cycle of Plan, Do, Check, and Act in every process to check and prevent the problem rather than fix the problem. It helps in reducing the cost and making it easier to control and ensure the quality of every process. Next comes the integration of management into the process. Total Quality Management implies that management must be 100% in favor of the program, or else the employees will not respond properly. Employees will follow the lead of the management team. In addition, to achieve the quality, every employee in the restaurant must have a zero-defect attitude in what they do. A new strategic thinking, i. e, a different attitude must be adopted. It stems from the belief that mistakes can be avoided and defects can be prevented. It leads to continuously improving results, in all aspects of work, as a result of continuously improving capabilities, people, processes, technologies and machine capabilities. For example: There are many defects or problem which is occur in the process such as customer dissatisfaction, quality of food provide to customer, quality of raw material, machine breakdown, performance of employee not consistent†¦So if we always think that is the defects we can’t prevent or avoid them, we are not able to avoid them in the future, but if we try and always think about the best solution to prevent and control the defect we will achieve the excellence result. In PALACE restaurant, â€Å"The customer is always right† is the major principle. They always know how to listen to the customer needs and wants with friendly service, willing to help and listen to customer complain. The top management provided training to every employee on how to satisfy the customer. Example: The waiter or waitress know how to serve and understand the customer want, in other to give the best suggestion about the food for customer. There is no sense in serving only fried chicken if the customers demand a more health conscious baked or grilled chicken. Customers are not only the people who walk through the doors looking for a meal but also your suppliers and employees (Stephenson,1993). To collect the information from employees, the top manager can easily set the goals of restaurant based on the customer requirements to make sure the goals are correct and can meet the customer satisfaction. Controlling the cost in the restaurant the manager look at the life cycle cost, not front end cost. The life cycle cost include any kind of potential cost occu r in the internal and external of restaurant. Especially, to access the opportunity for improve cost management, each resource used in the key processes was identified by the manager, particularly those costs that are hidden or forgotten. The cost need to be identified is the failure costs in the service include internal failure costs and external failure costs. According to (James W. Cortada and John A. Woods, 2000) the internal failure costs are those costs incurred prior to the delivery of the service. These costs include the resources needed to complete additional tasks and any costs involved in rework due to inadequate processes. The external costs are due to dissatisfaction of customers. Typical external costs include: + Decreased revenues and profit margins due to lost customers. + Increase administration-more customer service staff to handle complaints and problems. + Higher service costs-customers using help-desk services more frequently. + Sales department productivity failures-assuming the department handles complaints. Unfortunately, the top management only interested in those process that could directly affect the customer satisfaction for example: the ordering and food preparation the metrics is formulated for each of key process but the top management did not seem to pay attention to supporting processes such as the cleanness of kitchen, the storage of raw material, etc†¦Due to the failure to monitor the supporting processes, PALACE restaurant often encounter the service failure that lead both customer dissatisfaction and employee is not motivated. There is the weak of management involved and lead in the PALACE. The top management is not participate in leading and get committed – instead it delegates pays lip service. Top management did not creating and deploying clear quality values and goals consistent with the objectives of restaurant, and in creating and deploying well defined systems, methods and performance measures for achieving those goals. Hence, the activities improve the quality were not encourage participation by all employees. In addition, employees in the restaurant roughly in decision making in case of their work and work success but they can’t free practice decisions that their work requires and the management doesn’t give them enough empowerment to decision making and problem solving without approval. For example: Customer complaint about the food or order extra but the waiter can’t make the decision and required to ask manager to solve the problem. They also try to avoid making the decision because of the responsibility. It’s take time and also affect to customer satisfaction. There is the weak team work in the PALACE restaurant. Different levels in restaurant from manager to waiter didn’t treat each other as their customer. They tried to do well their role and don’t really care about others. As a result, this thinking affect to the quality of restaurant and the result doesn’t as they expected. Follow this, the employees can’t perform their best and the business can’t receive quicker and better solutions to problems and the employees can’t get help from other workers to find to find a solution and put into place. Analysis of PALACE fast food restaurant using dimensions of quality in service (SERVQUAL model): In developing Servqual, Zeithaml et al. (1990) found that service quality is composed of five dimension: Reliability, Tangibles, Responsiveness, Assurance and Empathy. And can be reliability measured via a pair of 22-item surveys-one for expectations, and one for perception. Responsiveness: The ability to address the customer’s needs quickly. Every employee is always willing to help customers when they need in other to tell the customers when the services will be performed. The manager realized that the most important person who interface customer is waiter or waitress, so the waiter or waitress required ready for customer requirement to give the prompt service to customer. For example: As I explained that 1 waiter or waitress need to take care of at least 3 tables in the restaurant, so they required ready for customer requirement among that 3 tables as fast as possible and make sure that they are never too busy to respond to customer’s requests. Reliability: Consistency of performance At PALACE restaurant, they always try to do their best what they promise with customer by a certain time. Services are provided at the time restaurant promises to do and the restaurant performs the service right at the first time to make sure that they are always consistency of performance and to create the trust in customer. In addition, when the customer has a problem, the restaurant shows a sincere interest in solving it. For example: After long time created the trust of customer about the consistency service performance. The customer always believe that they will be served on time with the friendly and willing to help attitude of every employee in the restaurant. Tangibles: The physical appearance of facility and its personnel. The restaurant has modern-looking equipment and the physical facilities are visually appealing with nice table using the white table-clothe, nice-looking design, the white wall decorated by some small picture, and the red uniform of employee in the restaurant. The facility design inside the restaurant also created the convenience for employee during the working time with the smooth work flow and materials associated with the service are visually appealing. The manager realized that the first important is to created a nice-looking restaurant with nice view and clean, it help customers have better feeling when they enjoin the food and service. The case study ABC explained the successful of CDF restaurant with nice-looking. Assurance: The levels of skill and knowledge needed to perform the task The employees are consistently courteous and willing to help customer but sometime the employees don’t have enough knowledge to answer customer’s questions. The knowledge of employees are not help them to communicate well with customer, and they seem to be not confidence when they facing customer. Most of difficult situation and problems are solved by manager. Follow this, the customer may felling unsafe in their transactions. Empathy: A felling for the customer’s situation. The restaurant doesn’t give individual attention to the customer and also doesn’t understand specifics needs of its customer. For example: In the busy hours, some new customer don’t know clear about the food, the taste, ingredient of food and up-set about choosing the food and keep on asking about the food, so that situation may create the difficult for the waiter if they are taking order for too long and no more time for other customer. At this situation, the waiter may require customer faster order or provide not clear information. Therefore, the open hours are not really convenience for all customers because they only target on the workers and employees in the Company or organization. The main opening hours are from 9am to 2pm and 4pm to 10pm. The gaps carry out from the analysis The gaps carry out from the analysis follow by: + The quality is not measured for all processes + Weak of management involved and lead, the manager didn’t give enough empowerment to employees for the decision making. The weak of team work and every employee in the restaurant didn’t treat each other as their customer. + The activities improve the quality were not encourage participation by all employees. + Employees don’t have enough knowledge to answer customer’s questions + Employees didn’t confidence when they are facing with customer. + Employees are not felling for customer situation. Method to overc ome the current problem To overcome the problem in the PALACE fast food restaurant the manager should